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November 2, 2009 § Leave a comment

Learning English should be fun, right?

When I studied Japanese at university I got bored very quickly studying textbooks, grammar, newspapers etc. I had a lot more fun talking to my Japanese friends, watching Japanese videos and movies (especially うなぎ, and listening to Japanese music ( I still like Pizzacato 5 among other bands). I am sure that I learnt more Japanese that way compared to classroom study. Although I still had to spend many hours studying Kanji 😦

So here are two of my favourite English websites that I have been enjoying recently. I think you will like them too, and they may help you improve your English. Even if they don’t, you should enjoy watching them. They are all quite short, and very creative.

The first one is called the Black Cab Sessions and has lots of music performed live in the back of a London taxi.

The Black Cab Sessions

The Black Cab Sessions

The second is The Interview Project presented by David Lynch. A video crew travel throughout the United States interviewing interesting people.

The Interview Project

The Interview Project


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